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Lumis Multimedia About UsLumis Multimedia’s Head Office is situated in Perth, with all our design and development team and contract workers based here. We have several core team members, all who have completed tertiary level qualifications in their respective fields, with many years of combined experience.

All our multimedia design and development projects are undertaken by our staff in Perth. Our main support centre is also based in Perth, with localised assistance from our Adelaide staff. Our staff in Perth regularly fly to Adelaide for ongoing staff training and seminars, which allows a high percentage of customer support incidents to be handled locally by Adelaide, and thus reduces their dependance and also our workload in Perth.

Our sales manager in Adelaide handles leads and client relations for the state of S.A., with the design and development support from our head office. Due to the high cost of hardware, software and larger office premises, the decision was made to use the single production base rather than setup a similar development facility in Adelaide. This has not adversely affected sales, with Adelaide achieving sales forecasts and an ongoing high level of customer satisfaction. The design and development process is largely undertaken online, and with Lumis exclusively using broadband, this has allowed a larger and faster flow of data and easier sharing of these resources, regardless of the geographical distance.

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