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Lumis Mulktimedia offers website Content Management Systems CMSA website Content Management System is a program used to administer and permit collaborative content creation. A CMS allows users to easily add, edit or delete content. Administrators can setup access for users to author articles in plain text, where page layouts cannot be edited mistakenly.

  Advanced CMS’s also include different levels of users, such as Publishers and Editors, who each have different access to the CMS.  The CMS uses a designated stylesheet to make sure the layout does not change when displaying articles. This offers website owners and webmasters the advantage of many articles conforming to a consistent "look and feel". The system then adds the articles to a larger collection for publishing or archiving.  
Lumis can offer you a CMS solution to suit your business needs. There is no need to be locked into expensive maintenance contracts if you want to manage your own website content. Our range of Content Management Systems include:

Basic WYSIWYG Editor:
Includes  Features allowing you to:
  • add or update content to existing pages
  • easily use the WYSIWYG editor
  • maintain articles with archives
  • publish new and unpublish old articles
  • upload and add images to your webpages

Advanced Content Editor:
Includes features allowing you to:
  • add new pages to various areas of your site
  • display authors name with date on articles
  • create users like Member, Author and Editor
  • set permission levels for secure areas
  • manage a multiple user CMS with ease

Professional Content System:
Includes features allowing you to:
  • customise the CMS to meet your needs
  • limit editors access to various pages
  • keep backups of previous content
  • preview all changes before publishing
  • access advanced training resources

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