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Lumis Multimedia offers a range of E-Commerce solutions for trade and retail online salesToday, online commerce is worth over US$1 trillion and continues to grow at a fast rate. One of the key success factors for e-commerce has been the implementation of security technology into browsers and servers - in particular SSL. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the security protocol used by most sites to protect online commerce.   

   The widespread use of SSL has encouraged ecommerce and helped it rise to its current levels. As a result our Web economy has come to depend on SSL as a security and trust infrastructure. The SSL protocol provides an encrypted link between two parties, however for consumers, seeing the SSL padlock in their browser means that they are viewing a secure (encrypted) site, and that the site displaying the padlock is a valid and legitimate organization.

Our range of E-Commerce solutions allow small businesses to offer functionality to their clients by using:

Product Ordering Cart:
Includes features allowing you to:
  • offer online ordering for your clients
  • display your products as an online catalogue
  • use different shipping methods and carriers
  • send order confirmation emails
  • let your clients view previous orders

Secure Shopping Cart:
Includes features allowing you to:
  • assign different shopper groups (wholesale)
  • let shoppers pay online with credit cards
  • use the advanced product search features
  • add/edit/delete as many items as you like
  • allow users to comment and rate products

Advanced E-Commerce Shop:
Includes features allowing you to:
  • store IP addresses for Fraud tracking
  • keep track of current stock levels
  • sell to multiple countries or currencies
  • choose from many different configurations
  • choose modules like Top Ten & Latest Items

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