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Lumis Multimedia offers a wide range of Image Management Systems and GalleriesThe number of various uses for image galleries on the internet are constantly growing,  with many now featuring Flash™ animations, administrator control panels, and user interactive features such as commenting, rating and even uploading their own photos.    Lumis offers a variety of Image Management Systems, where website owners can adminstrate as much or as little as they need to.

These IMS range from a traditional static gallery, to Flash™ animated galleries, rich with audio and visual functionality and configurations. Regardless of your image requirements, Lumis can tailor a package to suit you. For simple displays of products or images, Lumis can create a gallery for you with photos and descriptions. For multiple galleries, Lumis can setup and handle all your staff training.

Our range of Image Galleries and Management Systems include:

Static Photo Gallery:
Includes features allowing you to:
  • supply the photos and Lumis can do the rest
  • choose your gallery colours and layout
  • choose thumbnail or a slideshow view
  • allow visitors to download gallery images
  • display a photo Name and Description

Gallery with Control Panel:
Includes features allowing you to:
  • administrate features via your control panel
  • create multiple galleries with limited access
  • limit access to galleries to members only
  • add/edit/delete as many images as you like
  • allow users to comment and rate photos

Advanced Galleries:
Includes features allowing you to:
  • choose either a Flash™ or HTML gallery
  • create multiple categories for galleries
  • upload via integrated image control panel
  • choose from many different configurations
  • manage it all using only your web browser!  

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