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Lumis Multimedia offers a range of email Marketing Systems for small businesses EMSWith Lumisís range of Email Marketing Systems (EMS) you can take your email campaigns to a whole new level of effectiveness. Latest studies show that most people now spend more time reading their emails than they do surfing the web.

   Email is one of the most powerful mediums that you can use to talk to customers and prospects. Our EMS will help your business attract more subscribers as well as improve both your brand equity and credibility.    Like any other form of marketing, Lumis EMS are designed to lead to an actual sale. Used wisely and consistently, youíll see an increased response from subscribers. For some businesses it can be more feedback or product/seminar registrations, whilst others may receive more orders.

Lumis can give businesses the choice of several styles of Email Marketing. These EMS include:

Members Mass Mail:
Includes features allowing you to:
  • send emails to your registered site members
  • send to either members or administrators
  • compile simple text based emails
  • easily keep in touch with your site users
  • just fill in a Subject, Message then Publish

Standard Email Subscription:
Includes features allowing you to:
  • allow users to subscribe and/or unsubscribe
  • meet requirements for Australian spam laws
  • archive/display previous newsletter editions
  • easily create HTML newsletters with images
  • WYSIWYG-WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet editor

Advanced Email Marketing:
Includes features allowing you to:
  • track feedback results such as click throughs
  • create autoresponders for new subscribers
  • upload via integrated image manager
  • full support for adding/sending attachments
  • manage it all using only your web browser!

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