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Lumis Multimedia Website DevelopmentHere at Lumis, we believe that having your own website designed and developed for you is not about HTTP, HTML or any other complicated sounding IT buzzword. With a website thats been fully researched and planned, it's a business resource that will have a positive impact on your business and ultimately your bottom line in a positive way. Lumis takes the time to conduct a thorough analysis of all your business needs in order to provide you with both a solution that works for both employees and clients a solution that put you in control, as well as a solution that allows you to adapt and develop your messages, products and information, all from your own existing resources. With Lumis's wide range of Virtual Business Modules (VBMs), you can easily have the extra functionality demanded of your website, without the demanding cost.

These VBMs can be added to new or existing websites, to help increase efficiency and overall business productivity. Some of our modules include cost effective systems so you can sell online, others allow you to communicate with your clients and customers online, or share information and documents within your organisation and join up your people helping them to work smarter - all without any in-house IT expertise. Innovation is meaningless unless it meets demand. Our innovations will make a difference to the way you use the web and your bottom line. Contact us for a no obligation chat and find out why people are turning to Lumis Multimedia for cost effective web sites that work.

Our range of website design and development services include:

Entry Level Websites:
A tool for your business allowing you to:
  • display products and services information
  • receive website enquiries via your email
  • display all your company contact information
  • advertise yourself 24 hours a day, everyday
  • advertise locally or to the entire world
Small Business Websites:
Includes features for you and your staff to:
  • update, delete and add new pages
  • email from your own .com(.au) address
  • create users for staff like Author and Editor
  • set ‘staff only’ levels for secure pages
  • manage galleries, newsletters & sell online!

Integrated CMS and CRM:
Our Corporate solutions allow you to:
  • customise the CMS to meet your needs
  • integrate website contacts into your CRM
  • track thousands of customers and activities
  • secure your databases and mailing lists
  • maximise Search Engine Optimisation


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