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Lumis Multimedia Marketing services for small businessesLumis Multimedia can provide all your customized marketing solutions under one roof, whether it is internet and email marketing online, interactive CD and DVD development or print advertising. From creating your corporate branding including company logo to implementing this branding into your business infrastructure, we deliver the kind of professional results you'll love. As a direct result of strong collaboration between strategic, creative and project management, we have delivered to our clients tangible results through well-planned and executed integrated and single-medium marketing campaigns. Read more below about our range of Marketing products and services.

Email Marketing
Lumis Multimedia offers a range of email Marketing Systems for small businesses EMSWith Lumis’s range of Email Marketing Systems (EMS) you can take your email campaigns to a whole new level of effectiveness. Latest studies show that most people now spend more time reading their emails than they do surfing the web.

   Email is one of the most powerful mediums that you can use to talk to customers and prospects. Our EMS will help your business attract more subscribers as well as improve both your brand equity and credibility.    Like any other form of marketing, Lumis EMS are designed to lead to an actual sale. Used wisely and consistently, you’ll see an increased response from subscribers. For some businesses it can be more feedback or product/seminar registrations, whilst others may receive more orders.

Print Media
Lumis Multimedia offer a wide range of Print Media services Lumis Multimedia offer's the convenience of one stop shopping for all of your full color printing and design requirements. Whether you need full color business cards, brochures, postcards, menu's, vinyl banners or just about anything, Lumis will deliver a high quality product every single time.

With friendly staff in Perth and Adelaide, and facilities in multiple states, we are more than capable of handling any print job. Our skilled and experienced staff use top-of-the-line technology and software to ensure you receive the best service and quality printing in the industry.

Corporate Branding
Lumis Multimedia Corporate BrandingDo you have a new business or feel it is about time for a completely new look? Lumis Multimedia can help you! Why is brand important you may ask. It has been said that corporate identity “may be the least tangible yet most valuable asset.” Our corporate branding services are aimed at small to medium sized companies wishing to use one company for the design and implementation of their new branding.

Lumis can offer a gretly reduces price compared to selecting design, print, marketing and website services individually. Lumis can offer your business a choice of services including Corporate Logo design, Business Stationery Designs (Business Cards, Letterheads, With Comps slips etc etc), Website Design and Development, Website Hosting, DOmain Name Registration, Search Engine optimisation and CD and DVD Marketing

Ideally, Corporate Branding works by bringing your corporate, product or service brands to life in print ads and on the Internet or Web sites. Our Corporate Branding strategies can help to build equity, and to add value to your company.

 In today's mass advertising world it is becoming increasingly important to develop and maintain an effective corporate brand as your identity reveals your company's desire to become recognised. Once believed to be a decorative device, that positions a business as modern, creative and reliable, visual identifiers are now less an aspect of public relations and more a product of business strategy. Being such, they can have extensive connotations for the businesses that develop them.
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